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Coordinated comprehensive health care services can be complicated, but our knowledgeable staff can help. We deliver cost-effective labor benefits that will impact your practice in a positive way, catering services based on your individual needs:

  • Reimbursements through proper billing, coding & collections
  • Managed Care contract Review
  • Lower expenses with financial review 
  • Practice optimization and management that includes:
      • Managed care/capitation analysis
      • Services for Medicare Advantage (MA)
      • Medicare fee-for-service (FFS)
      • Credentialing
      • MRA Chart Review and guidance 
      • Electronic medical records system
      • Human resources, staffing and training
      • Marketing assistance to help you meet your goals
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Financial Review

We conduct a full financial review of all provider performance on a monthly basis. Using some of  the most innovative tools, we are able to identify  trends both negative and positive to better assist the providers with their practice patterns.  This is imperative to successfully working under a Value Based  model.


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Managed Care

We have the ability and knowledge to assist you with your current negotiation  of new or renegotiate of old agreement. Our years of Managed Care experience will afford you the opportunity understand and obtain rewarding agreement to work under.

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Coding & MRA Chart

We have experienced  CPCs and CRCs on staff which can help guide you through the complexities of  compliant coding, and offer education. 

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Marketing Support

Health Plus Advantage has the ability to complete an extensive end to end review of current marketing plans for your practice to ensure the effectiveness, and compliance.

Health Plus Advantage Works for YOU

Find out how our programs, policies, and procedures will  minimize administrative responsibilities in the management of care, enabling you to focus on what matters most, the healthcare of your patients and members.

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